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Welcome to our totally free personals service. Meet new like minded singles. All you need are credits which are totally free. Refer friends or log in (every 24hrs) to receive a bunch more!
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Top Featured Female Personals

aby311 from Pittsburgh aby311 (29)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
always&forever always&forever (28)
Texas, USA
Pioneertwirler from Greeneville Pioneertwirler (29)
Greeneville, Tennessee, USA
NICK79 from BAYSHORE NICK79 (28)
gailann35 from Lafayette gailann35 (13)
Lafayette, Indiana, USA
Teardrop from Rochester Hills Teardrop (28)
Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA
emtgirlly from Garden Grove emtgirlly (29)
Garden Grove, California, USA
cute&friendly from Houston cute&friendly (26)
Houston, Texas, USA
EmilyRose from kansas city EmilyRose (28)
kansas city, Missouri, USA
smoore from 29palms smoore (28)
29palms, California, USA
Katiemt from SLC Katiemt (29)
SLC, Utah, USA
PandorasKey from Miami PandorasKey (27)
Miami, Florida, USA
DREAMINGofYOU from lawrenceville DREAMINGofYOU (29)
lawrenceville, Georgia, USA
Jessica_star from pikeville Jessica_star (28)
pikeville, Kentucky, USA
barbedwirebunny from vero beach barbedwirebunny (29)
vero beach, Florida, USA
Rouni from Dardanelle Rouni (28)
Dardanelle, Arkansas, USA
zsbabygirl from Savannah zsbabygirl (29)
Savannah, Georgia, USA
TheMace from Dardanelle TheMace (28)
Dardanelle, Arkansas, USA
bbas1986 from Dawsonville bbas1986 (29)
Dawsonville, Georgia, USA
angelan212 from seabrook angelan212 (29)
seabrook, Texas, USA
Val81685 from Santa Monica Val81685 (29)
Santa Monica, California, USA
angelvoice0707 from San antonio angelvoice0707 (29)
San antonio, Texas, USA
good&plenty219 from gary good&plenty219 (27)
gary, Indiana, USA
18mommyof1 from Tacoma 18mommyof1 (28)
Tacoma, Washington, USA



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